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At the request of the Refinery di Korsou (RDK), B|A|S repared a plan for conducting a technical audit, which was to include a remaining service life assessment on the facility of the Curacao Refinery Utilities (CRU) at the Refineria Isla Curacao B.V.


The plan specified the details for a technical audit of the various facilities, units and equipment, including mechanical, rotational, electrical and civil structures and foundations. Our technical audit provided a clear overview of and insight into the:

  • physical condition of the relevant process units, equipment, piping, foundations, and structures on the CRU units;
  • remaining Service Life Assessment results for the relevant facilities, along with the 'ageing plants' at the Curacao Refinery Utility.


For civil parts, we used a remaining life assessment methodology developed by B|A|S Research & Technology.


Our technical audit solution enables CRU to optimize CAPEX investments and ensures CAPEX investments are made in the correct order of priority and in the correct time sequence.