The durability of a concrete construction is dependent on several physical and chemical conditions. It is important for asset owners that they understand the remaining service life of their objects so that they can schedule maintenance appropriately.


B|A|S has specialized inspectors who conduct visual examinations of structures and take samples for research in our laboratory. Samples for durability testing are also sent to our laboratory by engineering firms.


In order to obtain the required material testing data we developed a unique method for effectively evaluating deterioration mechanisms affecting reinforced concrete structures. We defined a set of six laboratory tests on core samples taken from the structure at strategic locations and these tests provide essential knowledge about existing material properties. These laboratory tests include:


  • visual inspection of the core samples
  • carbonation depth
  • chloride profile
  • rapid chloride migration coefficient
  • compressive strength and density
  • microscopic analysis.


Our material science testing department is well equipped and our staff are highly skilled in performing these tests and in analyzing and interpreting the test results. Our laboratory is, of course, accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 (registration number L216).


On the basis of the test results,  calculations are made in order to determine the remaining service life of the structure and provide repair and maintenance plans for constructions and assets.