Unique technical audit and remaining life assessment.

Our customers seek value-maximized management of their business assets to:

  • Reduce cost of ownership
  • Increase asset productivity performance
  • Improve risk management
  • Extend asset lifetime


We therefore provide expert materials science knowledge of the concrete parts of assets. Our research methods are verified and all-encompassing. We have a proven track-record of identifying the causes of, and finding the solutions to all kinds of material degradation mechanisms. Through technical audits we collect, evaluate and interpret audit, inspection and material testing data, utilizing unparalleled degradation models to define remaining service life. B|A|S has specialized inspectors who conduct visual examinations of structures and take samples for research in our laboratory (Accreditation L216).


We merge testing and audit results with each other in an aggregated format, evaluate results using plant operational and mechanical integrity models, and add calculations of the remaining Life Cycle Costs. In addition we create a comprehensive overview of the monetary relationship between the of remaining technical life assessment per unit and the availability/productivity and associated costs for the total asset. The outcome of the technical audit delivers specific CAPEX related investment proposals for cost-optimal repair, replacement, conservation and overhaul measures.


Our audit results include a priority list stipulating exactly which assets require investments in maintenance, repair, conservation or replacement within a specific time horizon, evaluating the operational and HSEQ objectives of the asset.