Many factors can contribute to damage in structures, floors and building components. B|A|S investigates all kinds of damage, ranging from cracks in building components to the collapse of an entire structure. B|A|S determines the cause of the damage and formulates advice for repair. B|A|S always guarantees that investigations will be independent and for that reason is often brought in by insurance companies and courts.


B|A|S carries out systematic on-site inspections. Field measurements and materials research can also be carried out in order to obtain an overview of the structure's state. Using this information we compile guidance for repair and, if required, supply technical descriptions or specifications for the repair work. B|A|S can also supervise activities for larger projects.


Disputes between contractual parties regarding damage often arise. On such occasions, B|A|S can act as an independent expert and mediator. Our advice can be declared as binding. Our damage experts also serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings.