Rebar and rebar couplers are used all over the world for major constructions such as bridges, nuclear power plants, airports and sports stadiums. There are many different international standards relating to structures and HSE, specifying requirements for strength and cyclical loading.


Leading manufacturers of rebar couplers have their products tested at the B|A|S laboratory facility because of our broad experience with these tests.


We conduct fatigue tests for determining the dynamic load capacity of couplers. When couplers are applied in earthquake-sensitive areas, we perform severe cyclic loading tests consisting of 8, 20 or 100 load cycles in order to determine seismic resistance. All tests are conducted in accordance with the applicable standards and customer requirements.


Regular slip measurements on couplers are also conducted periodically for cutting and welding companies. B|A|S also conducts periodic tests on straightened and welded rebar for these processors.