Real-time measuring of concrete temperature profiles, initial setting and compressive strength

Industry best practice includes internet-connected sensors for optimizing productivity, reducing production costs, improving HSE and safeguarding product quality. Concremote provides a range of sensor solutions for construction projects. All sensors provide real-time data through a connection to a local mobile (cell) -phone network and operate remotely. Within the concrete structure, the sensors take measurements at those exact critical location where load- or thermal- stress-induced tension occurs.


Each sensor takes a measurement every 10 minutes and transfers the measurement results to the internet every 60 minutes. We ensure that measurement results are validated before we publish them on a secure web-site. All stake-holders have instant access to one set of measurement results in order to optimize decision-making and transparency. Any device with internet access (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) can be used and specific advice or notifications can be sent when target values have been achieved.




Optimization of the construction or production process

Real-time monitoring of in-place concrete strength minimizes cycle times and formwork commissioning quantities by helping the site to determine the earliest possible time for formwork removal. Enabling control of the production process, Concremote sensors can digitally operate heating or cooling equipment.

Improved safety

In-place measurements carried out on the concrete structure instead of on test specimens which are cured differently and therefore do not have the same compressive strength or temperature profile.


Fact-based decision-making supported by accurate measurement results in powerful graphics. Concremote uses the weighed maturity method to determine compressive strength. This method was standardized in European standard EN 13670 and has been used since the early 1980s.

Easy to han­dle

  • Robust, maintenance-free sensors, easy-to-start measurements, no concrete technology knowledge required for starting measurements
  • Batteries with a long service life, even under cold weather conditions (-55° Celsius)
  • Digital temperature probes, pre-assembled with calibration report, no thermocouple production at the construction site
  • No cables outside of the formwork
  • Re-usable
  • Control room for checking whether the data has been processed correctly
  • Support department with concrete technology knowledge
  • Notifications (text message, email or traffic light) to alert you when the target value has been reached
  • Extended reporting tool-kit
  • Digital archive (we keep data on file for more than 10 years)
  • Export function for data

Global availability

B|A|S has entered into a global strategic partnership with Doka formwork experts for Concremote. Doka offers the Concremote solution in all 70 countries in which Doka is active, and also provides local support.


The addition of Concremote provides Doka 'smart' formwork solutions differentiating it from competition through essential customer benefits.