Mr. Dirk Brengelmann, Ambassador of Germany in the Netherlands, together with Mr. Hans Teunissen, Deputy of the Dutch Province Limburg, and Mr. Antoin Scholten, Major of Venlo, visited B|A|S International Holding in Venlo on April 9.

The meeting was organized in cooperation with the Asset Management 2.0 project coordinator Miss. Verena Melchert and Mr. Andy Dritty, Managing Director of Euregio Rijn-Maas-Noord.

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Managing Director of B|A|S International Holding, Toine van Casteren, presented B|A|S holistic business model and future research and development activities. B|A|S is the Netherlands' market leader in concrete research and has one of the biggest and the most advanced laboratories in Europe. 

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The INTERREG project Asset Management 2.0 was presented by Head of Research & Development at B|A|S, Andrija Blagojevic. The main goal of the project is to develop a Decision Support Tool for asset owners who would be able to ensure cost-effective preventive actions.

The increasing demand for a new concept which transfers concrete performance indicators to simplified solutions for the decision-makers, opens a generous opportunity for the next generation of Asset Management. 

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