Over the years, B|A|S Research & Technology amassed extensive experience in petrographic research. Petrography is a branch of petrology that focuses on detailed descriptions of rocks.

Within concrete technology, petrography is used amongst others to determine:

  • The causes of cracks
  • The extent of corrosion in reinforcement steel
  • Damage phenomena such as ASR, ettringite, and frost damage
  • The composition of a cement

Petrographic research is conducted macroscopically (with the naked eye) as well as microscopically. The microscopic research is done on thin slices by polarisation and fluorescence microscopy (PFM-microscopy). Petrography is applicable on aggregates, natural stone, concrete, concrete products, and mortar.

With the arrival of the PELCON Automatic Thin Section Machine in October 2017, B|A|S Research & Technology manages the entire petrographic process, from taking samples and the production of thin slices to microscopic examination. As a result, we are able to be our clients of even better service.

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